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Reaching Business To Business Online Marketing Companies

January 8th, 2021

Are you involved in business to business online marketing? Business to business online marketing spans a wide range of industries, yet the marketing strategies are still similar as in business to consumer marketing. The number 1 key factor to success is price range, and proper follow up. Because most businesses want to make more money, they will work from dusk to dawn to make it happen.

As a business owner yourself, I’m sure you already know this. The top goal of all online business owners is to improve their business profits, but most don’t know how to achieve this goal. Even if you sell printers, marketing books, office supplies, subscriptions, magazines, and etc, you need to know how to target and reach your targeted prospect for as cheaply as possible – so that you can lower expenses and become as profitable as possible.

I will go over some simple business to business online marketing strategies that you can use to gain profits easily without spending a lot of money to do so. You may not have thought about using these simple strategies, but I assure you that they work, and they are a combination of offline and online marketing tactics – since online business owners do STILL operate in the offline world. Here’s the first business to business online marketing strategy that you can use:

1) Direct mail

Direct mail is highly effective in today’s world – even though most people don’t get as much out of it as they should be. You see, most people view direct marketing as a 1-shot deal. The typical business owner will find or build a list, send a mailing out to them, maybe get a few sales, and call it a day. However you should know that you can get much more out of your direct mail efforts if you did more than a one-shot mailing.

So how can you mail multiple times to a prospect without violating the rules or terms of a list provider? It’s simple – and you can do it in a variety of ways. You have to understand that not everyone is a pro in selecting mailing lists. In fact, most people use list brokers to get them a good mailing list. While some list brokers do a good job, a lot of list brokers out there are sharks. They will probe you with questions to test your skill level of direct mail, and will give you a list based on your knowledge of what to do with them.

When doing business to business online marketing, it’s critical that you know how to specifically target online business owners who are a match for the product or service that you are trying to sell them. Depending on what you sell, you may want to target by location, age, nationality, income, profession, and by the last dollar amount that they spent on a similar item that you’re trying to sell them. And of course more.

You should be able to get all of this information by using something called the “SRDS”. SRDS stands for “Standard Rate and Data Service”. You can find this at your city’s main local library. It has a collection of mailing lists that you can purchase, specify, and merge to gain the most ideal candidate for your product. Now depending on the price of your product and the last item that these people bought, you may want to generate leads first from your initial mailing, or send them a direct offer.

The way to do multiple direct mail mailings is simple. You can either rent a list and generate leads – thus not violating terms of the initial mailing, or you can generate your own list, and send follow up direct mail mailings to them. In both situations your generating a lead. These online marketing prospects have voluntarily raised their hand to receive more information from you. And since you’re marketing via direct mail, you can expect your conversion rates to be a lot higher than just email marketing alone.

Here’s another business to business online marketing strategy that you can use to get more sales:

2) Joint ventures

Doing joint ventures on the internet is incredibly simple. With the advent of affiliate programs and tracking software, joint ventures on the internet is a cinch – you just have to find the right partner to do it with. This is an easy way to reach a targeted prospect base with $0 cost of advertising. This makes joint venture marketing a magnificent way to get more new customers.

To use joint ventures get business to business online marketing customers, first you have to identify who your targeted prospects are. Are you a marketing consultant? Then obviously your customer base are online business owners who are looking for consulting help – or who wants to learn how to do internet marketing properly (the first time around).

Are you an industrial carpet cleaner? Then you can reach your prospects from searching through email lists, blogs, forums, and websites in the carpet cleaning niche. You would have to specify the kind of commercial work that you do – as you will get to charge more to businesses who need lots of spaces cleaned, and have the financial power to pay you more than a consumer would.

To approach a likely joint venture partner, simply get in touch of the webmaster that you believe is a good fit for your products or service, and make a deal with them. Most people offer low joint venture commission rates, while I like to offer them high commission rates so that it can get their attention. Plus you should also know that the money in your business will come from backend repeat sales from a customer. So earning a little bit of money on a frontend joint venture sale isn’t a bad idea.

Simply tell them what you sell, how it will benefit their list or customer base, and how much of the profits you’re willing to share with them. If the terms are great, most will agree – but you will have to do much of the work when it comes to streamlining the sales process. And once they agree, the joint venture can begin – and it doesn’t have to end. Ever.

Business to business online marketing can be made simple if consider these 2 strategies. Direct mail works great when reaching business owners, and joint ventures is a free way to get sales and launch a profitable campaign on a $0 budget. Be sure to use them both today.

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